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breast cancer hospital in puducherry

Breast Cancer Hospital in Puducherry

One of the leading cancers that impact women globally is breast cancer. Studies show that the disease impacts over 25.8 per 100000 women. The mortality rate is also relatively high. These numbers are not due to the lack of reliable breast cancer hospitals in Puducherry. The reality is the opposite. The Indian health care industry has made great strides in the past few decades. The country has infused the advancements of both the national and global progression. International consumers have witnessed this development. The nation has become the hub for providing quality and affordable healthcare to consumers across the globe. However, the number of cases and the mortality rate are rising.

It is pretty challenging to determine the exact cause of cancer. Though experts state multiple reasons ranging from lifestyle modifications to toxic exposure, it could be a culmination of various factors. It is challenging to pinpoint a particular cause of why cancer affects an individual. However, it is possible to combat the condition with the proper treatment. It is critical to diagnose it at the right time so that people can seek the necessary medical assistance. The top 10 breast cancer hospitals in Puducherry are equipped to provide holistic solutions from diagnosis, medical management, surgery and palliative care. A fair share of these hospitals has dedicated units to treat women who have breast cancer.

This provides them with the necessary privacy and support to manage their condition. They even have specialised teams to render the requisite guidance and counselling. However, this does not stop women from worrying about the social stigma. We want to provide some insights and advocate the importance of seeking immediate medical assistance.

Why are women reluctant to approach the breast cancer hospital in Puducherry?

Cancer is always seen in a negative light in our community. Though this disease is caused by abnormal growth, some people consider it the final verdict. The medical industry has various techniques to manage the disease. People have been able to beat it and live an everyday life thoroughly. Some people with the condition can also live with it without much complication. If this is the situation with cancer, the issue with breast cancer is even worse. People are not comfortable discussing these areas with strangers. They might not seek to talk about the changes with their family members. Their upbringing prevents them from seeking assistance even when necessary. This is one of the primary causes of the high mortality rate in breast cancer. A fair percentage of people do not seek help unless and until it is too late. This makes it quite challenging for the breast specialist doctor in Puducherry to manage the condition.

Why is it essential to seek assistance from the breast issues centre in Puducherry?

One of the notable aspects of the disease is that it presents itself through various symptoms. Most cancers are not visible or known unless it is spread or metastasised. However, people can notice a lump or abnormal growth in the initial stage. They might even be changes in the skin colour or the nipple. Though there is a possibility that they might occur for other reasons, it might be advisable to check with the breast cancer hospital near Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. Specialists state that women over 40 should get a mammogram at least once a year. This will help them to diagnose the disease at the earliest. If the primary physician suspects any abnormality, they will refer them to a breast issues centre in Puducherry. There are various techniques to conduct self-examination to check for any issues. The best breast cancer hospitals in Puducherry have successfully treated breast cancer at many stages. However, the treatment might become complicated if it reaches an advanced stage. Hence, it is imperative to seek medical assistance even if the lump might not look dangerous. Individuals with a family history of the disease should be more cautious. This is because it has been scientifically proven that breast cancer can be passed down through genes.

What are the key aspects to know about the disease?

Like other cancers, the disease has various stages and treatment techniques. A small lump can be a water lump or cancer. However, there is no way of knowing unless and until a breast cancer doctor examines it near me. Almost all breast cancer hospitals in Tamil Nadu have diagnostic facilities. There are instances when the treatment might involve the removal of the breasts. However, there are mechanisms to artificial implant breasts surgically. Though there is a chance of remission, there are instances when people manage it with ease. Medical advancements allow women to manage the disease and live happy everyday lives.


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A reliable hospital for breast cancer should not only treat the disease but also provide full-fledged solutions. Therefore, they should have a team of professionals inclusive of experienced doctors, nurses and a support team. This would help the patients seek the necessary help with ease. One such breast cancer hospital near Puducherry is OncoHeal. They have an excellent track record of treating the disease with efficiency.