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Cancer Specialist in Puducherry

Cancer Specialist in Puducherry

Finding a cancer specialist in Puducherry might be a stressful and complex understanding. Cancer tends to manifest itself in different forms. There are also instances when the disease is entirely asymptomatic. Even people with the symptoms might not correlate it with this dreaded disease. It is the last thing that they think. They believe the condition will stay at bay if they do not consider it. In the yesteryears, cancer was not a common disease. However, today the number of cancer cases is on the rise. 

This increase is attributed to lifestyle changes and exposure to pollutants. Though the actual cause cannot be determined, various contributing factors could exist. A primary concern in the segment is that a fair percentage of the people do not seek medical attention at the right time. The best cancer doctors in Puducherry state that most diseases are treatable if diagnosed early. However, it would become challenging when the cancer cells began to spread to other organs. Again, most people might not correlate the common symptoms with cancer.

For instance, a stomach ache might not be associated with this disease. People assume that it is due to indigestion or ulcer. They often attempt home remedies or over-the-counter medication. Though this might provide temporary relief, it would not resolve the issue. People will have to take corrective action immediately. However, this does not necessarily mean they will have to seek assistance from a stomach cancer specialist in Puducherry. They will have to consult their primary physician, who can identify the root cause of the problem. They can provide the necessary guidance as per the patient’s condition. If a person suffers from consistent issues, they must seek medical assistance. 

Why should people choose the best cancer specialist in Puducherry?

Most people wonder why they should choose a top cancer specialist in Puducherry. Different specialists generally manage the disease. The general physician might provide reference to these doctors. This could make them wonder if they need to seek the assistance of the top 10 oncologists in Puducherry. However, experts state that it would be advisable to make a choice. This is because these doctors specialised in this particular field. They are well-versed in the complex aspects of the disease. They would have the expertise to formulate a better treatment.

 They would consider all the relevant elements before determining the course of action. They initiate a holistic approach inclusive of diagnosis, treatment and management. The primary aspect of any cancer treatment is identifying the type of cancer. Each variant would respond differently. The cancer specialist hospital in Puducherry would evaluate the health of the individual. This would provide an idea about how they would react to the treatment. The top cancer specialists in Puducherry would make the relevant recommendations based on the condition. Choosing the right doctor might be a stressful task. Here are some factors that distinguish our team from the other hospitals in the country. 

Characteristics of the best cancer specialist in Puducherry


Cancer treatment can be pretty complex and even challenging. The top 10 oncologists in Puducherry have the relevant experience to understand the condition. Their years of experience help them to formulate an effective treatment. An essential part of the program is to comprehend the precise situation. Our team do not subject the patients to the unnecessary procedure. We attempt to be minimally invasive as possible to help them beat cancer. 

Holistic Approach

One of the essential aspects of cancer treatment is to undergo different and extensive treatment. The top cancer specialist hospitals in Puducherry would have all the required facilities. They have undertaken this effort to minimise stress on the patients. OncoHeal, the best cancer specialist hospital in Puducherry, also has visiting physicians with core specialities, such as breast cancer specialists in Puducherry.  


Proper communication is crucial between the medical team and the patient. Most people tend to be carried away by the information overload regarding cancer. When people do not get the relevant information from their doctors, they can look for it online or from their circle. The issue with this situation is that there is no way to validate this information. This also forces some people to look for alternative medicine. Always look for a top cancer specialist in Puducherry who will help the patients understand their condition. 

Innovative Spirit

Cancer treatment involves experimenting with new treatments and even clinical trials. The cancer specialist doctor must be willing to identify the right approach. This does not necessarily mean they must try all the new treatments. The top 10 oncologists in Puducherry understand the practical treatment approach based on the patient’s condition. The doctors at OncoHeal try to update themselves about the latest trends in the segment.

Patient-oriented approach

It is imperative to check if the medical team is working on the patient’s behalf. Leadings in Puducherry primarily focus on the patient’s well-being. However, this cannot be said for everyone. Some people might even wonder what it means to have a patient-oriented approach. It means developing a customised plan to help them battle the disease most effectively. OncoHeal, the leading cancer specialist hospital in Puducherry, strives hard to create a personalised approach that allows them to beat and manage cancer. We are transparent at every stage and do not provide false promises. On the contrary, our team makes an effort to offer realistic guarantees and render the best services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which doctor is highly recommended for cancer treatment?

Different doctors specialise in cancer treatment. The public would make the recommendation based on their approach and success rate. This is a complex undertaking as the treatment plan is a constant battle. Some doctors go the extra mile to develop a unique and customised approach. Dr Ravisankar is the best cancer specialist in Puducherry.

Which cancer hospital is best in India?

Experts have conducted extensive research and identified the best hospitals in the country. They would make this decision based on the facilities, team, approach and patient feedback. They will consistently check if the hospitals maintain their position on the list. There is a strong possibility a health centre might lose its position if they do not maintain its standards. OncoHeal has retained its position as the top cancer specialist hospital in Puducherry. 

Does India have the necessary facilities to provide treatment?

In the yesteryears, it has been a common misunderstanding that India does not have the necessary medical expertise to provide treatment for complex diseases. However, this situation has drastically changed in recent years. The country has made significant strides in the healthcare segment. The improvement in Infrastructure and treatment techniques has made India the international hub for medical innovation. 

What is the salary of a cancer specialist in Puducherry?

This would depend based on their experience and expertise. The specialists might earn a tad more than the newbies. However, the best cancer specialists in Puducherry, such as Dr Ravisankar, offer services at competitive rates. They might not care only about the bottom line. They render these services as they are genuinely concerned about the well-being of their patients. It is critical to check for the authenticity of the cancer specialist doctor and the hospital before deciding.