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Oncoheal Cancer Centre is Puducherry’s first exclusive Superspeciality Clinic offering advanced Cancer care consultation and treatment for cancer patients in Pondicherry and also to the other neighboring districts of Tamil Nadu. While we not only provide expert advice on the management of various cancers we also provide multidisciplinary comprehensive care in all the three pillars of oncology i.e., surgical, radiation and medical therapy and also all other supportive specialties include oncological reconstructive surgical team, Gynecologist and pain clinic experts.

Breast Oncology

Breast Oncology

Breast Oncology Breast Cancer is one of the commonest Cancers among women all over the world. 


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Surgical Oncology

Three sub specialties of Oncological care dedicated exclusively to surgical management of cancer.

Radiation & Clinical

One of the oldest and first divisions of cancer specialty started before the era of Indian independence.

Medical Oncology

which deals with cancer prevention, treatment using chemotherapy , targeted therapy/immunotherapy or in combination

Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology is one of the three sub specialties of Oncological care dedicated exclusively to surgical management of cancer. Evolution and understanding the dynamics of Cancer cells has enabled the surgeries in cancer to evolve from radical surgery to conservative surgeries in a prescribed manner.

The newer technologies and developments have enabled the Cancer surgeries to evolve from the expectation of morbid surgeries to the conservative oncology and further into the less morbidity procedures and even some procedures are being done as  day care surgeries. Expectation from the oncological surgeries by the patients has progressed beyond the curability to the functional, occupational and cosmetic outcomes with unaltered quality of life. Functional oncological surgeries have been successful with the understanding and the development of the field of the oncology.

Services Offered

  1. Breast oncology : Breast evaluation and investigation for all breast conditions including mastalgia (pain in the breast, nipple discharge, any lump in the breast, any skin changes in the breast, any mass felt in the axilla, any chronic pain in the breast, the investigations for the breast conditions can be counselled and can be obtained all evaluation for the breast condition. The breast surgeries including breast conservative including lumpectomy or any medical management for the benign breast problems – breast cancer surgeries including all types of flaps including LICAP, AKAP breast volume replacement surgeries, breast mastectomy for curative and prophylactic mastectomy in hereditary breast cancer, breast reconstructions both in the breast conservative surgery and breast mastectomy for both curative breast cancers and prophylaxis of breast cancers also sentinel lymph node biopsy.
  2. Head and neck surgeries including evaluation and biopsy and investigations for the oral cavity lesions and larynageal lesions, endoscopy all resections for the head and neck cancers including resection which can be intra bi-local excision to the segmental mandibulectomy and marginal mandibulectomy. Hemi mandibulectomy with the reconstructions of both the soft tissue and bony defects with good cosmetic outcomes – sarcomas all soft tissue and bone sarcomas including limb salvage surgeries and vascular resections and reconstructions with local/ free microvascular free flap cover along with and also compartmental resections based on the tumor situations and conditions.
  3. All complex hepato-pancreatic biliary surgeries including for liver cancers, changing form segmentectomies, metastectomies non-anatimical and anatomical resections and also hepatectomies and also resections for biliary tract abnormalities and pancreatic surgeries including pancreato- duodenectomy, central pancreatectomy and distal pancreatectomy.
  4. Colorectal surgeries – the surgeries for small bowel cancers with and colonic malignancies including hemicolectomy with total mesocdic excision and central venous ligation and surgeries for rectum include anterior resection and low anterior resections, intersphincteric resection, abdomio – perineal resection and extra levator abdomino- perineal resection and also anal local resections, trans- anal endoscopic microsurgery with and also perineal reconstructive procedures.
  5. All the complex gynaecological procedures including all investigation for all complex gynaecological problems and surgeries for cancer surgeries include staging laparotomy both laparascopic and open surgeries, radical hysterectomy, pelvic lymph node resection and cyto-reductive surgeries for carcinoma ovary, vulvectomy with inguinal resections. All urological malignancies including management for carcinoma of penis, testicular tumors, bladder tumors including radical cystectomy radical prostatectomy, retro peritoneal lymph node resection for testicular tumours are performed. Organ sparing surgeries including testis – sparing surgeries and also for palliative surgeries are also part of the treatment protocol in selected situations.
  6. All Oesophageal and stomach cancers include both curative subtotal gastectomy, total gastrectomy and extended total gastrectomy, trans hiatal oesophagectomy, transthoracic oesophagectomy with extended lymph node resections.
  7. All thoracic malignancies including thymomas, mediastinal mass and lung cancers ranging from metastatectomies, lobectomies, pneumonectomy and extra-pleural pneumonectomy with mediastinal lymph node resections.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is a division of oncology which deals with cancer prevention, treatment using chemotherapy , targeted therapy or immunotherapy or in combination. Vast research in the field of cancer has led to drastic change in current day management of blood and solid organ cancers. This has led to increased role of medical oncology in early and localized cancer along with other modalities like surgery and radiation therapy.

The advancement in molecular research has resulted in individualization of cancer treatment based on the molecular information.

Various terms in Medical Oncology

  • Neoadjuvant therapy : Therapy which is given prior to surgery / Radiation therapy.
  • Adjuvant therapy : Therapy given in localized tumor after surgery / radiation therapy. The intent of this therapy is to decrease the relapse.
  • Palliative therapy : Cancers which are not amenable to complete cure due to various reason are offered palliative therapy. The intent of the therapy is to reduce the symptoms and control the disease.
  • Chemotherapy : Chemotherapy are different classes of drug which kills fast growing cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy : Here we use treatments which increases the immunogenicity of the body against tumour to fight cancer. Some cancers like melanoma , lung cancer, renal cell cancer , head and neck cancer etc have found to have very good response to immunotherapy .
  • Targeted therapy : Cells undergo mutation resulting in uncontrolled growth leading to cancer . recent advancement in genomics has resulted in discovery of many such mutation in various cancers . the drugs that target those mutations or proteins or genes which support cancer growth , results in blocking or reducing cancer growth, such therapy is called as targeted therapy .As targeted therapy include many oral drugs resulting in easy of admistration. Its action is different from chemotherapy , it does not have affect normal cells to the extent of chemotherapy , resulting in decreased sideffects.
  • Hormonal therapy : Some cancers are dependented on hormones for their growth . hormonal therapy helps in reducing the cancer growth by reducing these hormones. Hormone positive breast cancer ,prostate cancer, uterine cancer are few hormone sensitive tumours.

Radiation and Clinical Oncology

Radiation therapy is one of the oldest and first divisions of cancer specialty started before the era of Indian independence. It is one of pillar of the cancer treatment from which many specialties has divided, to name a few medical departments like Hemato-Oncology, Medical Oncology, Clinical Oncology and Palliative Medicine. It plays a key role in the establishment of comprehensive cancer care.

Clinical Oncologists are doctors who use radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat and manage patients with cancer. They also use a range of other treatments to treat cancers, without using surgery. The job is different to that of medical oncologists, who use non-radiological treatments for cancer. 85% of all clinical oncologists treat patients with a balance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Plastic & Oncologogic Reconstructive Team

The plastic and reconstructive team is part of ARUVI Plastic Surgery centre comprises of well renowned and experienced Onco- reconstructive specialists.

The worrisome aspect of cancer surgeries for the head and neck Cancer, breast Cancer and Limb sarcomas include the poor functional and cosmetic outcome, which is less worrisome in the prevent decade with the advent of dedicated Onco reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation.

The Reconstructive surgeries have paved way for the Cancer patients for social acceptance and low beck for occupational rehabilitation the team has trained itself in various aspects of Onco reconstructive surgeries including microvascular free tissue transfer surgeries, Oncoplastic breast surgeries etc.