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oncologists in Puducherry

Oncologists in Puducherry

It is pretty natural for people to wonder why they need oncologists in Puducherry. Cancer cannot be treated and managed by a single doctor, unlike other diseases. This disease might not go away with a pill or surgery. Major disorders have a standard protocol for treatment.  However, this is not the scenario with cancer. This disease requires extensive and complex treatment. The patient will have to be cautious throughout their lives even after they beat it. Studies show that there is the possibility of recurrence at any point. Since there have no proven methods to identify the primary cause, it is impossible to avoid them. The patients must be cautious and take the necessary precautions to manage their health. This would include periodic screening to check for abnormalities and medications to keep the disease at bay. They would need the guidance of the best oncologist in Puducherry.

Patients and their families might initially be conflicted about this choice. However, this relatively new field has gained much traction in recent years. This is because there has been a significant rise in patients. Understanding the key responsibilities, different specialities, and other essential information is imperative. Patients must also look for hospitals with full-fledged facilities to avail of all the relevant services under one roof. At OncoHeal, we pride ourselves on offering our patrons the best services. We do not compromise the quality of our service and have initiated a transparent approach. This has enabled us to retain the possibility of the best Pondicherry cancer centre. 

What can be expected from oncologists in Puducherry?

A doctor’s role is to diagnose the problem and offer effective remedies. This can be in the form of medication or procedures. However, the best oncologists in Puducherry are expected to embrace additional responsibilities. This is because of the complexity of the disease. Cancer can be elusive and complicated. There is no such thing as simple and easily manageable. The condition can react in unpredictable ways. A simple lump can suddenly become a complex undertaking. It is highly improbable for a single doctor to manage the disease. It usually requires a team with different core specialists. This team would be inclusive of doctors, nurses, and specialists like gastroenterologists in Pondicherry. 

How does the process of choosing the top oncologists in Puducherry begins?

The process usually begins when the primary physician notices recurrent pain or a suspicious lump. They might even conduct preliminary tests to understand the source of the problem. Then, they will direct the patient to a Pondicherry cancer centre. The oncologists in Puducherry would analyse the reports and recommend additional tests. First, they would do a biopsy to check the abnormal cells. This will help them to determine if the growth is cancer. Then, they would further investigate to understand the type of cancer and the stage. Once this is determined, they will begin to formulate the treatment plan. The top oncologists in Puducherry would then identify the required team based on the disease. For example, this team would include a pulmonologist in Pondicherry if the cancer were related to the lungs. Likewise, it would also have trained nurses and technicians to provide the allied services. The goal is to offer holistic solutions to the patients and the family’s necessary guidance.                                                                                              

What are the different specialities in oncology?

People must know about the different specialities. This will help them to make the ideal choice. 

Medical Oncologist

Medical Oncologists in Puducherry are primarily responsible for determining the entire plan. They will analyse the diagnostic reports and pick the ideal course of action. They will also identify the team to execute and manage the program. They will use chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. They will monitor the patient’s care even after remission. 

Surgical Oncologist

As the name suggests, these top oncologists in Puducherry will be responsible for surgically removing the tumour. It is imperative to understand that this might not be required in all cases. Some tumours can be shrunk through radiation or chemotherapy. However, they will undertake the responsibility whenever a surgical intervention is needed. OncoHeal has a team of surgical oncologists who are specially trained and skilled in this field. 

Radiation Oncologist

The best oncologists in Puducherry should also be well-versed in their field of specialisation. They should have comprehensive knowledge about the other segments as they must coordinate with the other teams. These top oncologists in Puducherry would use high-energy X-rays to destroy the cancer cells. They have adequate experience in the segment and take proper precautions to avoid the normal cells. This therapy can shrink the size and even deter growth. 

Other specialities

  • Pediatric Oncologist
  • Gynecologic Oncologist
  • Haematologist
  • Neuro – Oncologist

Frequently asked questions

Does oncology mean cancer?

Oncology is the study of cancer. This could mean all information related to diagnosis, treatment and management. The field of oncology is rapidly developing as the experts attempt to identify practical measures to battle the disease. There has been a notable increase in the number of cases. It might not be quite challenging to locate the exact cause of cancer. However, the top oncologists in Puducherry strongly believe that the disease can be treated if caught early. 

What are the critical responsibilities of Oncologists in Puducherry?

Cancer treatment might include handling the medical and psychological needs of the consumers. Most people might question why the doctor must be responsible for the emotional aspect. This is because cancer patients can feel disappointed and frustrated about the disease. It is also the liability of the medical team from Pondicherry medical centre to provide them with the necessary support to handle the issue. They will have to plan and monitor the complete treatment process. 

What can be expected from an oncologist on a first visit?

Most people might not know what to expect from oncologists in Puducherry on their first visit. Patients are generally referred to them if the primary doctor suspects suspicious growth. This mass does not necessarily mean cancer. However, the families might feel stressed when they hear they must visit a cancer doctor. The best oncologists in Puducherry will evaluate the notes the referring doctor provides. They might suggest tests so that they can comprehend the condition. It is implausible that they discuss the treatment plan without having the correct information. 

What questions should you ask an oncologist?

Patients can ask the doctors about the nature of the condition. They will have to understand the type of cancer and the stage. They can also ask about the potential treatment procedures and their success rate. The best doctors in Puducherry might not provide the entire treatment plan on the first visit. This could be a lot of information and confuse the patients and their families. Knowing the cost and other financial aspects might be a good idea.