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Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the oldest and first divisions of cancer specialty started before the era of Indian independence. It is one of the pillars of cancer treatment from which many specialties have divided, to name a few medical departments like Hemato-Oncology, Medical Oncology, Clinical Oncology, and Palliative Medicine. It plays a key role in the establishment of comprehensive cancer care.

Radiation therapy has evolved with the advent of newer machines like Linear Accelerator, Cyber-knife, and Tomotherapy we can know to deliver radiotherapy in a very precise manner, with maximum dose to the tumor and minimal side effects to the normal structures. Radiation is a beautiful tool in cancer management and can be used in a wide range of treatments starting from Neo-Adjuvant, Radical, Adjuvant, and palliative. Can also be used in a scenario where the patient is not fit for even surgery or chemotherapy. Newer techniques like IGRT, IMRT, VMAT, and SRS have made the treatment delivery much easier and tumor-targeted. For many sites in the head and neck (Hypopharynx, larynx, and surgically inoperable cases) and cervical cancer, radiation therapy is the first-line modality of choice. It is an organ-preserving treatment modality. Brachytherapy is a very important tool in radiation oncology. Very high doses to the tumor with minimal doses to the surrounding normal structures can be achieved. Newer advancement in brachytherapy like Intraoperative brachytherapy is very handy.

Drug therapy in solid tumors has evolved and been re-defined to best suit the patients with minimal toxicities. Many supporting medications have made the usage of chemotherapy a comfortable and pleasant treatment. Drug therapy has inculcated hormonal therapy to targeted therapy in an effective manner.

Clinical Oncologists are doctors who use radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat and manage patients with cancer. They also use a range of other treatments to treat cancers, without using surgery. The job is different from that of medical oncologists, who use non-radiological treatments for cancer.  85%   of all clinical oncologists treat patients with a   balance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The Radiation and Clinical Oncology department at ONCOHEAL Cancer Center consists of skilled and experienced doctors in the fields of Modern High Precision Radiotherapy techniques

(3DCRT, IMRT, SRS, IGRT, Tomotherapy, and Brachytherapy) and Medical Radiology. They are trained in handling conventional and high-dose chemotherapy, biological and hormonal therapy

.Our responsive team provides a blend of personalized with evidence-based radiotherapy and chemotherapy services, ensuring the international standards of patient care.

They work closely with other colleagues in large multidisciplinary teams involving surgical oncology, medical oncology, and other specialties of surgery, all medical fraternities, pathology, and radiologist, that focus on the treatment of cancer affecting particular parts of the body or system. The department also handles palliative care and pain clinic.