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Breast Oncology

Breast Oncology

The breast Cancer is one of the commonest Cancers among women all over the world.  Atleast in our country, 30 – 40% of the breast cancers are identified in the early stages.  The treatment of breast Cancer comprises of five pillars which include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment, targeted treatment based on patient’s condition, stage of the disease, biological behaviors of the disease.  The surgical modality can range from breast conservation surgery wherever it is feasible based on the patient’s disease status and mastectomy and also various other modalities of treatment.  The team is trained in Oncoplastic breast surgeries where it is defined as the surgery with removal of tumour with good cosmetic outcomes.  Few years before, the mastectomy was considered as the standard of surgical care for most of cancers and now it has revolutionized to the oncoplastic breast surgery where social stigma of mastectomy is eliminated and making patient to have a good psychological well being and to pursue the occupation without any social stigma.

Also the more targeted form of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are available making the treatment as day care treatment with limited admissions and more acceptable form of duration of treatment.

The targeted treatments based on molecular biology of cancer have definitely improved the survival in both early stages and metastatic cancer.  Also the screening modality of the cancer using digital mammogram has enabled to decrease the incidence of cancers by identifying many pre cancerous conditions.

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