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Surgical oncology in Puducherry

Surgical oncology in Puducherry

How do consumers perceive Surgical oncology in Puducherry? Surgery by itself can be frightening and stressful to the patients. The common misconception is that it is dangerous. Most people have lived with the nightmare that surgeries are risky with the possibility that they can cause severe complications. However, there have been significant advancements in the field.

 The medical community assures that surgeries can be done with zero or minimal effects. There have been advanced techniques that help the doctors to do the surgery with ease. These days people need not even worry about the big ugly scars. They can laparoscopicaly correct the issue without any post-surgery complications. 

The doctors have the relevant knowledge and adequate experience to handle the most complex ones. It is undeniable that all surgeries pose a certain amount of risk. However, this does not relatively mean that they are a threat to life. The medical team is prepared to handle any surprises and emergencies. They would thoroughly analyse the patient’s condition and determine the ideal course of treatment.

 Most people assume that doctors suggest surgery to increase hospital bills. They believe that medications can treat the disease. However, some disorders do require surgical intervention. This would help to relieve the pain and even manage the condition.

 Leading hospitals have a proven record for their success rate in surgeries. Surgical Oncology is an evolving segment that has gained traction in recent years. This team of specialists is trained to remove the tumour without compromising the healthy cells safely. This can be challenging as the cancer cells might intertwine themselves with the major blood vessels. 

Though these surgeries are complex, the team at OncoHeal has the relevant expertise to handle them. We want to answer some questions on the subject. 

What is the significance of surgical oncology in Puducherry?

Oncologists in Pondicherry would initially determine the health condition of the patient. They might not consider all masses as cancer. There is a strong possibility that this is benign. If that is the case, then they will remove the mass.

 However, they will begin the treatment once they confirm that it is cancer. Sometimes, the patients might need minor surgery even to check for cancer. The Pondicherry cancer centre will remove a portion of the tumour and test it. This will give them a comprehensive view of the stage and type of cancer. 

The medical community has determined certain stages based on the level of spread. If the cells have spread to different parts of the body, then there is little that can be done. The medical team will undertake measures to minimise the pain and make them comfortable. 

However, if the malignant cells are limited to the point of origin, they will take the necessary precautions to remove them surgically. If the tumour is removable, then the team responsible for surgical oncology in Puducherry will undertake all measures to eradicate it safely. 

What are the expected benefits of surgical oncology in Puducherry?

Most people wonder why the patients require surgery if the tumour can be shrunk using chemotherapy or radiation. Cancer cells can grow rapidly than normal cells. This means that they will consume all the nutrients in the body. 

As a result, the person might feel sluggish and tired as they will not have the required energy. They also tend to fall sick as their immune system will not function properly. The tumour might strain the body excessively and compromise the quality of life. Surgery might not completely cure a person of cancer. But it would improve their health.

 Oncologists in Pondicherry recommend surgery for the following reasons.

  • Remove the tumour
  • To lower the risk of recurrence
  • To check for cancer
  • To develop a better understanding of the condition
  • To relieve pain and symptoms

The surgical oncologists would work with the preliminary team to determine the course of action. There is a possibility that the patients might require more than one surgery through the course of treatment. However, it is imperative to comprehend that the oncologists in Pondicherry will not put the patient under unnecessary stress. They would contemplate every decision and analyse all the possibilities before they make a decision. This would help them to make the right decision. 

The team would explain all the risks and complications so that the patients and their families can make a well-informed decision. The surgical team would also include doctors from other specialists. For instance, they would have a pulmonologist in Pondicherry on board when dealing with lung cancer. This will help the team to get expert guidance as and when required. 

How will the medical team determine the right course of the treatment plan?

The medical team from the Pondicherry cancer centre would decide by analysing every possible outcome. If the disease is diagnosed early, the chances of curing them are high. Some people understand the significance of this step and undertake regular health checks. If they suspect anything, then they approach an oncologist in Pondicherry. 

However, if the case is advanced, they will determine the treatment plan accordingly. 

There is a possibility that they might cure cancer without any surgery. This decision would be made based on the patient’s health condition. There have been significant developments regarding Oncology and other allied fields.

 The diagnostic techniques help doctors to get a clear picture of the disease through minimally invasive procedures. This would increase the recovery time and also provide better results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The oncologist in Pondicherry would decide based on the patient’s condition. There is no standard protocol for the treatment plan. The medical team would assess the situation and make a decision. It is imperative to understand that surgery can happen at any cancer stage. Sometimes, they might attempt other techniques, like chemotherapy, before moving on to the surgery.