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Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology is one of the three subspecialties of Oncological care dedicated exclusively to the surgical management of cancer. Evolution and understanding of the dynamics of Cancer cells have enabled the surgeries in cancer to evolve from radical surgery to conservative surgeries in a prescribed manner.

The newer technologies and developments have enabled Cancer surgeries to evolve from the expectation of morbid surgeries to conservative oncology and further into fewer morbidity procedures and even some procedures are being done as daycare surgeries. Expectation from the oncological surgeries by the patients has progressed beyond the curability to the functional, occupational, and cosmetic outcomes with unaltered quality of life. Functional oncological surgeries have been successful with the understanding and the development of the field of oncology.

The social stigma associated with non-cosmetic cancer surgeries has been improved with the cosmetically acceptable reconstruction, particularly in head and neck cancers and breast cancers. Saying that the more aggressive oncological surgeries are now feasible with the advent of rehabilitation and post-operative care. The Surgical team at the Oncoheal Cancer center provides the art of state surgeries to cancer patients for all types of malignancy.